Project 424
Reliable revenue based on open smart contract
A smart contract is a programmed procedure that is uploaded to a decentralized network and becomes publicly available to users. A smart contract cannot be changed after being published to the network
Income from 1,5%
Deposit body daily




Wallet balance:


100% security
The contract is equipped with a waiver function
Smart contract tested pdf
Audited by independent experts Elastoo
Affiliate program
We abandoned the affiliate program in favor of
Conditions of a contract
  • Contract currency Ethereum (ETH)
  • You invest money on a contract at:
  • The contract charges 1.5% + the deposit body a day after making
Fund allocation
  • Payments to investors.........................................87%
  • Marketing..............................................................10%
  • Administration commissions................................3%
To invest in a project, it is enough to transfer 0.01 net from your e-wallet * to the address of the smart contract . The system will remember the address of the wallet from which the deposit was made and every 24 hours after the deposit was made, the contract makes accruals from 1.5% + the deposit body, capitalizing your funds automatically, without charging any fees until the deposit reaches 50%. When withdrawing funds before reaching 50% of the deposit, the contract keeps the commission from 15% (these funds remain on the balance sheet). The contract changes the interest rate by 0.01% and the withdrawal fee by 0.1%, in proportion to the increase or decrease in the balance every 100 years. (in the range from 1.5% to 2.0%, from 15% to 20%). Withdrawal = Deposit body with capitalization - contract commission (which remains on the balance sheet).
*It is not allowed transfers from stock exchanges, only from your personal ETH wallet, from which you have private keys
How to start earning
Register and replenish
the wallet
We recomment Trust Wallet for mobile devices and MyEtherWallet and MetaMask for PC.
ETH cryptocurrency can be purchased
Invest ETH under 1.5% per day
Send from ETH wallet to the address of the smart contract
any amount from 0.01 ETH
In addition, there must be a min. 0.002 ETH.
Recommended gas limits: 250000, current gas price can
be taken
Check and track transaction
You can check the success of the transaction in the history of your
application or, indicating the address of your wallet
Top up deposit
Deposit replenishment in the project is
not provided.

After withdrawal, you can invest again.
Get your deposit
You need to send 0.00424 ETH to the address of the smart contract
and get your deposit + accrued interest — contract commission (If
the withdrawal is made before reaching 50%)

Atention! After the withdrawal of funds, the contract will delete
the entry on the wallet.
Income from 1.5% + deposit body daily
Increasing interest rate and capitalization of your deposit
Frequently asked questions
The project is based on the Etherium smart contract, after publishing on the blockchain network, change the code, and therefore and the functionality of the contract can not anyone. The contract is provided with the function “disclaimer of owner” i. it is completely autonomous. The contract has an open code, and everyone can get acquainted with it.
However, do not contribe to project last or borrowed
Extensive experience in developing similar projects, proper distribution of investments, the availability of investments for everyone (you do not need to have a serious investment portfolio or specific knowledge in this area), the possibility of increasing income in various ways.
Our contract has been independetly audited for possible vulnerabilities by various specialists
Replenishment after making a deposit in the project is not provided.
Withdrawal is carried out by sending 0.00424 etn to the address of the smart contract. You receive your deposit taking into account the capitalization throughout the entire investment period minus the contract commission (from 15% to 20% depending on the balance of the contract (see the growing interest rate)) if you have not yet reached + 50% to the deposit. You can withdraw funds on the first, second and any other day convenient for you, but if at this moment you have not reached + 50% of the deposit, the contract will withhold a commission from you.
For example, you made 5 eth, the balance of the project is 0-100 tons, then the interest rate will be 1.5% per day, and the project commission for withdrawing 15%. Under this condition, you will be able to withdraw your deposit, taking into account the capitalization and contract commission of 15% on any day and 7.5 (deposit + 50%) without any commissions as early as the 29th day. Those. if you take a deposit, for example, on the 9th day of 5.63 net, then the amount to be withdrawn, taking into account the commission, will be 4.78 net (5.63-capitalized deposit minus 15% of the contract commission). After the withdrawal of funds, the contract will delete the entry on the wallet.
For the convenience of the investor and to maintain the balance of the project, it was decided to introduce a tool such as CAPITALIZATION into operation. To reinvest an investor, not only has to perform several actions, but also pay the commissions of the network and the project itself, thereby losing potential profit. Therefore, reinvestment is performed automatically by the contract, without charging any fees and until reaching 50% of the deposit.
For example, 2 years * 1.5% = 0.03 years - the 1st day;
2.03eth * 1.5% = 0.03045eth - 2nd day
2.06045 * 1.5% = 0.03090675 - 3rd day, etc.
The project provides for an increase in interest rates depending on the level of balance. The contract changes the interest rate by 0.01% and the withdrawal fee by 0.1%, in proportion to the increase or decrease in the balance every 100 years. Together with capitalization, the growing interest rate will make it possible to get its profit much earlier and reach its maximum value in the project. Then the contract will cease to accrue.
For example, 2 years * 1.5% = 0.03 years - from 0 to 100 years;
2.03eth * 1.51% = 0.030653eth - from 100 to 200eth
2.060653 * 1.52% = 0.0313219256 - from 200 to 300etn, etc.